And So It Begins

It is with great excitement, anticipation and a small bit of fear that I announce the founding of my new non-profit, sliding doors stem & dyslexia learning center. For those of you who know our family, you know that our oldest child has spent the last three years facing the challenge of being dyslexic and having anxiety and after a battery of tests, countless hours of tutoring and the dedication of so many amazing educators and loving family members and friends, she is entering 4th grade reading at grade level and more importantly with a huge smile on her face. Yay!

We know that we will continually have our challenges but we also know that we have the tools, knowledge and means to help her. Over the course of this journey though we have seen that many children are not so lucky. So, we are turning our attention, our energy and our knowledge to help those children - hence, the birth of sdsquared! We are working hard to unite multiple resources and talented and caring people to create a one of a kind program so that all children with dyslexia have equal access to the help they need.

We hope to use this blog as a way to help people help the children they love! Stay tuned and spread the word!

Krista Gauthier