Time to Reflect...

The other day I was thinking about where Sliding Doors was just a year ago.  At this point last year, SDSquared was only a little bit more than an idea brewing.  I had approached my board and asked them their thoughts and if they would consider leaping aboard this thought train and I spent every spare moment reading articles and doing market research.  It was at this time though that we hit a turning point; one fateful afternoon I asked my daughter’s tutor, Joyce Maryanopolis, what she thought of all this and it was her response that put us on our current path.  You see, Joyce had always wanted to train tutors and both of us realized that this idea would give her the opportunity to do just that and get her method in front of so many more students.  It was then that SDSquared was born.

Since then, it has felt like we have been on the fast track and because of that it is easy for us to sometimes forget that in less than a year we launched a dynamic and innovative program and have already received requests to duplicate it in other locations.  We sometimes have such tunnel vision, focused on the task at hand, that we forget to breathe, to enjoy, and to be truly grateful to all of you who have taken the journey with us and who believed in us from the start.

So, I wanted to take a moment to thank the individual donors, the company sponsors, the volunteers, the parents, and the students who are truly the heart of Sliding Doors.  Your energy, generosity, dedication, and belief in our mission is what makes it possible for our students to receive the help they so desperately need and the boost to their confidence they deserve.  You have been with us since the beginning and because of that, we were able to get off the ground and that is why, only a year later, we have been able to see this vision crystalize into something that will help so many children!

Krista Gauthier