Introducting our 1st Camp: Dyslexic Edge: Citizen ROVers


What is it?

This one of a kind two-week camp for students with dyslexia in grades 4-8 is designed to expose kids to a myriad of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math topics. Students will become citizen scientists, working with scientists and engineers to solve real world challenges.  Beginning their adventure by building an underwater remotely operated vehicle called SeaPerch, students will use their robots to collect data for organizations like NOAA and will therefore become part of the larger scientific community even before they graduate high school!

Students will:

·       Build their own SeaPerch ( in teams of 4;

·       Conduct fun and challenging STEM experiments in the areas such as biology, electrical engineering, meteorology, geospatial systems, robotics, coding, and more!

·       Hear from scientists and engineers about their work in the areas of biology, zoology, robotics, and more and how they use tools like SeaPerch to solve problems and learn about the world;

·       Create a sea sensor that they will deploy on their SeaPerch at a local watershed;

·       Learn how to upload data to a database and use it to help answer important questions about the environment;

·       Present their ROV and findings at a celebration at the end of camp.


Dates: Monday, July 15th-July 26th

Time: 9AM-3PM with after-care option

Location: St. Bernadette Catholic School, 7602 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA

Price: $950 (includes daily snack, not lunch)