Donate Today and Help a Child with Dyslexia!

Our goal is to run this program for our students with little to no cost to their families. With your help, students who previously faced a life of closed doors, can slide them open for a lifetime of possibilities!

All corporate sponsors and donors will be listed on our website in our Friends of SDSquared page.

In addition, corporate sponsors and donors above $2,500 will be listed on all our marketing material.

Every donation helps so please spread the word!


Here's What We Need:

Plank Founder:        $10,000

Platinum Sponsor:         $5,000

Gold Door:         $2,500

Silver Door:             $1,000

Bronze Door:            $500

Partner in Education:   $250

Activities Sponsor:     $100

STEM Kit Sponsor:     $50

Friend of SDSquared:  Any donation!


Because it is our inaugural year, we have a special sponsor level:

        Founding Partner: $50,000

This will fully fund our program for all of our students for one year!


SDSquared is a non-profit 501c3. All donations are tax deductible.