executive director


krista k. gauthier

Krista first conceived of SDSquared when, as a parent of a dyslexic child, she noticed that the access she was able to provide her daughter in both remediation and STEM enrichment was denied to so many for a variety of reasons.  Using her eclectic background as a teacher and a development director for a small private school along with her passion to help children, Krista united a myriad of resources in both the educational and STEM communities to create this one of a kind program that will provide much needed help to so many.  

Tutoring Director

& At-Large Board Member

Joyce maryanopolis

Joyce is a certified elementary and special education teacher.  She has been teaching for 22 years with a focus on supporting children with dyslexia.  She first became interested in educating children with dyslexia while watching a family struggle with reading.  Joyce earned her certification to teach Alphabetic Phonics, an Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading and spelling, from Teachers College at Columbia University in 1998.  She soon thereafter began a successful private practice tutoring children with dyslexia.  Joyce is excited about being apart of Sliding Doors and  its ability to reach more students. She is eager to share her knowledge and years of experience with other adults who are passionate about serving students with dyslexia.   


karin bursch

Karin Bursch has a B.A. in Speech Pathology from the University of Iowa, and a background as a paraeducator and Braille interpreter for the local school district. Throughout her studies and work, she has learned the value of a quality education system and has seen where things are lacking. She is excited to continue to realize her passion for helping all students reach their fullest potential by working with Sliding Doors.

Our board of directors

barbara dalmut

I come from a family dedicated to education and community service. I loved teaching elementary and middle school, and serving as principal of St. Ambrose Catholic School for seven years.  I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

Schools can be vibrant places that shape young hearts and minds, but they can’t do everything for everyone. Families who are challenged with their children’s special learning needs deserve our support. I am proud to be a part of this innovative program.  It is my hope that SDSquared will provide the opportunity for these brilliant young people to thrive! 

Janel Nixon

Dr. Janel Nixon is the founder of Integrative Solutions, LLC - a small, woman-owned business that focuses on creating quick-turn trade study tools to support informed decision-making for customers from diverse sectors. Janel has worked with a variety of clients in the fields of naval architecture, homeland security, information systems, energy and power systems, and statistical analysis. Her primary focus is on the practical application of decision science to discover the critical factors influencing the design of large-scale systems-of-systems. Janel received a doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech.