SDSquared's Students

Our goal is to help struggling readers in Grades 1-5 who may or may not have received a diagnosis of dyslexia.  Currently, we are accepting students for our waitlist and are opening a new cohort at our current location in September!

  Here's how we form our groups:


Step 1: Info meeting

We kick off our enrollment period with an info meeting where we explain our program to interested parents and students.  

We then accepted applications at the meeting and for the week following.  

Students are taken on a first come, first serve basis. If we have more students than spots, a waitlist will be started.  

STEP 2: Evaluation

Prior to our first session, we conduct an informal evaluation to see if our tutoring methodology would benefit the student. 

We also conduct an interview with the parent or guardian to hear why they believe their student would benefit and to assess their economic need. 

Step 3: Program begins!

Once we have filled each slot, we kick off the program! 

In order for our methodology to be effective, students need to be in our program for 2 years. 

Because of that, we will be asking families to fill out a contract, acknowledging the level of commitment.