See what people are saying about Sliding Doors!


"I've been meaning to share with you how happy your daughter is and how much she is enjoying the program.  Her teacher came up to me to brag about her because for the first time she read outloud in front of the classroom and did a great job and she is finally on the reading level where they expect her to be. So we are over the moon, needless to  say." - Parent

"I cannot believe how well [my student] is doing in class after even just a few weeks with Sliding Doors!  He's employing your strategies and even sharing them with his fellow students.  His reading and his confidence has improved tremendously!"-Teacher

"Our son shared with us the other day that he wishes he could do Sliding Doors all day, and not just the STEM activities!  He loves his tutor and enjoys the reading! -Parent

"We just met with our daughter's teaching team and they could not believe the vast improvement she has made over the last month!  I told them only one thing has changed and that's Sliding Doors!"- Parent